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Jay And Cleve!! "Jay" Janice Bell-Owner
Janice is the bigest horse lover there probably could be. She is the main crafstman behind the jumps you will be ordering. When she purchased her horses Murphy and Clevland, she went out looking for some new jumps to work with them. Having difficulty finding a supplyer on the west coast that was affordable was nowhere to be found. That's why she started "Jay Jumps". Janice has been involved with showing for most of her life as well as taking a great trail ride from time to time. As you can see She is just an all around animal lover!! Janice resides on butiful Whidbey Island in Washington.
Jennifer Jennifer Skipworth-Our Spokes Person
Jennifer worked at a horse barn for about 7-8 years. In this period of time she worked as a groom, assistant horse trainer with whom she helped train retired race horses and put them in good homes. She also was an assistant teacher and taught kids and beginners how to ride. She also worked summer horse camps to help young kids learn how to ride and become more familair with the care and responsiblities that comes along with owning your own horses. Along with this she devoted 8 years of her life to caring for and loving all the horses that lived at the barn. Even though her busy life does not able her to be around horses as much as she would like she still finds time every once in awhile to go on trail rides and pleasure rides in local areas. She has not only trained many horses to be great show and jump prospects, but some of them have gone on to be champions. Now she is helping "Jay Jumps" jump off the ground!! She resides on the plateau in Redmond Washington.
Brian Brian Watenpaugh-Shipping, Recieving, and Deliveries
Brian's face is the one you'll see when he delivers all of your "Jay Jumps". With an extensive background in shipping and customer service, he knows how to safely transport, ship, and deliver your jumps right to your front door. Brian also resides on Whidbey Island in Washington.
Horizon Horizon
Meet Horizon! When he's not busy chasing the cats, taking a nap, or eating his favorite treats, he also likes to take a few jumps himself.
Alpine Alpine
When Alpine isn't busy putting Horizon in his place, he's always got time to take a cat nap, or sit in his kitty tree and look out the window at the birds he wishes he could catch!
Ukiah Ukiah
Now meet the newest eddition to the "Jay Jumps" family. This is Ukiah our little calico mix kitty. She was saved from a farm filled with over 2o kittens running around. She was rescued right before our snow seasons this year, and being the runt we feel that we saved her life by taking in this little cutie!